Session IPA4.7%50At a lower ABV, this India Pale Ale is designed to be enjoyed by all. This recipe is highlighted by a hop bill including nuggets, cascades, ahtanum, and sorachi ace. It has subtle malt character which is enhanced by a heavy hop profile that leaves a lingering bitter finish.Now
IPA8.0%88With over 2 lbs of hops per barrel the nose and finish on this beer are dominated by notes of grapefruit, pine, and lemon. The late hop additions in this big IPA mask the 8.0% ABV and create a well-rounded beer that's dangerously drinkable.Now
Vienna Lager5.3%20The other lager. A malt forward lager comprised of Pilsner, Vienna, and Munich malts. The bready backbone of this beer is nicely balanced with german styles hops. A rich amber-brown pour and the subtle complexities of this beer make it a perfect variety for any occasion.Now
Pilsner5.6%28A classically styled, clean and crisp option for the lite beer drinker and beer geek alike. Our modern take on a traditional German pilsner is golden in color and carries a perfect balance of noble and American hops.Now
Stout 8.5%53The strong presence of dark chocolate is nicely balanced with hints of roasted barley and english hops. A warming stout that will age beautifully in a bourbon barrel (winter '16).Now
Marbled Rye8.0%23Originally brewed for aging in whiskey barrels this rye ale stands strong on its own. A smokey caramel start with a subtle rye finish. Now
Below Zero (formerly Snow Way Out)7.8%29In frigid temperatures and roaring winds, its time to light the fire. Brewed with cinnamon and cardamom, our delicious spiced ale will give a new meaning to surviving Below ZeroWinter
Mother Leeds6.8%30A warm brown ale destined for the barrel. Subtle notes of chocolate and caramel complement its bready backbone.Now
BRICKFACE10.0%90Dark auburn in color with a white fluffy head. This Imperial Red IPA has a warm finish with notes of pine & caramel Spring
SeaWheat5.0%40Designed for all shore natives and shoebies alike, this refreshing Summer Ale is highlighted with an Australian Hop that gives this beer a subtle melon finish. Now
Rye Porter6.5%28Brewed exclusively for the craft brewers conference in collaboration with Briess malting. The rye backbone of the beer is elegantly complimented with notes of chocolate and carmel. Now
Double Nickel Shandy 5.3%28A traditional style ~mixed to order~ shandy that changes seasonally(Thu-Sun Only)
Fläger Hoppy Lager6.0%70A hoppy lager that is perfect for the Autumn season. Fläger has a smooth malty body with a refreshing bitter finish. A deep orange hue that compliments the changing colors of the season and is capped with a creamy white head.
Toll Taker Anniversary Ale8.0%30This straw colored pour is topped with a pillow-y white head that hits the nose with a pleasant fruity aroma. The opening flavors are highlighted by cloves, banana, and just a touch of citrus. The second half is tinged with hops, coriander, and an estery spiciness which is washed away by a delightful wave of candied sugar.Special Release Batches
Buffalo Nickel 8.5%53After spending 6 months in Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels this Stout destined for the barrels pours out of the tap with a latte-like mocha head. Aromatics of roasted malt, black coffee, dark chocolate, caramel, and a mild whiff of bourbon. At first you can taste the roasted malt, dark chocolate little bit of oak, some soft yeasty fruitiness (red berries, apple, pear), all with a faint taste of caramel that is finished with a relatively subtle nudge of bourbonSpecial Release Batches
Marbled Buffalo8.0%23Marbled Rye after being aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels for 6 months. The white head brings with it notes of vanilla, hazelnut, and coconut and is followed by a sweetness of caramel with a mild smokiness that is spiked with slight oak and faint tobacco. There are subtle but discernible notes of bourbon interlaced amongst the base of roasted malt, rye, and black pepper.Special Release Batches
Mothers Barrel6.8%30Mother Leeds took a 6-month vacation in Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels and came out on the other side as Mothers Barrel. The complex combination of a rich chocolate start with hints of molasses and oak is carried by a bready back bone to a mild bourbon finish that evolves after the sip has left your mouth. Some may say that it invokes the taste and aroma of chocolate chip pancakes covered in maple syrup.Special Release Batches
Fathers Barrel6.5%28Only 4 barrels of this Rye Porter were aged for 6 months in Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels. The Caramel Rye malt, which has touches of caramel and bread crust flavors complemented by the spicy characteristic of rye, is the soul of this beer. It is presented with a creamy mouth feel that brings with it a smooth and subtle yet complex smokey flavor with a dark chocolate finish. Special Release Batches
Deborah Sour6.0%15Aged in Malbec wine barrels for 13 months, this sour is fittingly named Debora after the mother whose 13th child was the Jersey Devil. This sour is deceptively smooth, starting with an earthy oakyness that is complimented by floral notes. Followed with a sweetness of white grapes that is taken away by a sour finish.Special Release Batches
Oak Aged Pilsner5.6%28Our crisp Pilsner aged in malbec wine barrels to bring on strong characteristics of a rose wine that has the tartness of white cranberries, the sweetness of red grapes and a light and dry oaky finish.Special Release Batches



Double Nickel Brewing Process