About Us

A little bit about our history

Before opening our doors in 2015, we set out to create something totally original yet inspired.  The question always at the forefront of our minds - how does something become a classic? The answer - bridging vision and tradition. Taking our name from the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge (historically nicknamed the Double Nickel Bridge), we create beer that lets you experience something familiar but somehow have it feel completely new. We strive every day to make beer that helps you reconnect with that sense of wonder.

Get to Know Us

  • Drew Perry

    Head Brewer and Co-founder

    A man of few words.

  • Bob Dalsey


  • Brian Needham

    NJ Sales Manager

    Unlike Drew, has A LOT to say….about everything

  • John Dalsey

    VP of Marketing

    Used the forklift once… and we are still repairing walls

  • Travis Ruggiero

    Packaging Manager

    When he is not on the packing line he is referencing things no one remembers.

  • Ross Salese

    PA Sales Manager

    Deals are his art form. Other people paint beautifully or write poetry. Ross like making deals. Huge Deals.

  • Julie Pitman

    North Jersey Sales Representative

    The girl who smiles at a funeral.

  • JT Melvin

    Brewer and QC Manager

    The Baraon of Brett, The Sultan of Sacc, The Czar of Swickle

  • Nevin Goebel

    Renaissance Man

    If there are shotguns, trucks, or hockey fights Nevins probably there.

  • Laura Wevill

    Brewery Host

    Patagonia hat model who loves the indoors

  • Kenny Davis

    NJ Sales Representative

    The most handsome man in the building, unless his dog Koda is here.

  • Ashley Russo

    Brewery Host

    Always willing to lend a hand, and the mother of dragons.

  • Erika Quick

    Brewery Host

    She likes her beers like she likes her cats, the more the merrier.

  • Christine Reinicker

    Tasting Room Manager

    Not someone you pretend not to see in public

  • Evan Shaugnessy

    Packaging Master

    Only Guy who calls a Sixtel "Logs!"

  • Tatiana Nieves

    Project Manager & Brewery Host

    The only Dallas Cowboy Fan in Town!

Contact Us

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