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Giving Back

From the very beginning, one of our cornerstone values has been to be involved in our local community and find ways to give back. Although we support numerous causes, one that has become a true passion of ours is helping with the fight against food insecurity. We see food insecurity as a keystone issue because so many other issues are compounded by the uncertainty of knowing where your next meal is coming from.  This problem affects communities throughout the country but being able to make an impact in our own backyard is in the end truly the most important thing that we do.

Friends Giving

Friends Giving is our way of turning a little creativity, comradery, community and collaboration into support for feeding families in need. We team up with our friends at Tonewood Brewing Company, Cape May Brewing Company, Urban Village Brewing Company, and newly added Source Brewing to brew a beer every Thanksgiving with all the proceeds going to support local charities. We’ve built a coalition of over 30 businesses that come together to donate everything from the hops and the malt to the cans and the boxes, allowing us to donate 100% of the proceeds to local organizations fighting food insecurity. In just 2 years, the Friends Giving Initiative has raised over $200,000 in much needed funds and food items. The mission continues as we find ways to increase the impact we can make each year. We are extremely excited to continue partnering with these awesome organizations that help feed and educate food-insecure families in the New Jersey and Philadelphia region.

Double Nickel friendsgiving
Double Nickel friend giving beer

Community Partners

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Following the incredible success of our inaugural Friends Giving Initiative, we decided to create CollaborAid, a 501(c)3 charity with the mission of turning creativity, camaraderie, community and collaboration into support for feeding local food-insecure families.


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