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Buffalo Nickel Orange and Cacao

Buffalo Nickel's annoying stepmom

We brewed our first batch of Buffalo Nickel way back when in 2015 before we had even opened our doors to the public. It’s a pretty special beer for us and we wanted to build on that nostalgia so we decided we had to brew our first official variant: Cacao and Orange Zest. We got some decadent inspiration from a throwback, Terry’s Chocolate Orange. ⁣We aged Buffalo Nickel in freshly emptied Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels for 8 months before taking some of the barrels and adding a hearty offering of cacao and orange zest. It complements the original Buffalo Nickel’s bourbon-soaked caramel and roasted malt flavors with a layer of citrusy sweetness combined with an oompfier chocolate character.⁣