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Canadian Tuxedo

Denim or die

Maple syrup-bourbon-barrel aged brown ale, this is Canadian Tuxedo. We started this project at the very end of 2018 as a collaboration with our pal Jon from the Maple Shop. This one took us some time as we aged fresh maple syrup from Red Leaf Hollow Farms in Vermont for 4 months in Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels before we swapped the syrup for a brown ale and let it rest for another 10 months. The barrels oozed flavors of honey-coated biscuits and dark fruit coupled with its syrupy, bourbon backbone into our malty brown ale base. The result is a delectable balance of sweet maple, ample malt, and smooth bourbon that will leave you daydreaming about a sublime blueberry pancake breakfast. This heater is sure to help you lay low like a real Canadian Tuxedo should.⁣