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Cherry Street

It's a road, it's a beer

Like fresh grass growing through a crack in the sidewalk or a cherry tree on a bustling inner-city street corner, beauty, like life, uh… finds a way. ⁣ If you look around beautiful things seem to present themselves everywhere, even in the most mundane places of everyday life. This latest special release is a tribute to all of that ordinary or sometimes hidden-in-plain-sight beauty that surrounds us. “Cherry Street” is our newest Belgian beer brewed with tart Montmorency Cherries and it showcases some killer expressive Trappist yeast that we’ve been wanting to brew with for a while now. Well balanced and robust, this 8% Belgian has complex fruity esters and a subdued spiciness with soft caramelized barley undertones. Through fermentation the sourness from the Montmorency cherries has evolved to include rich notes of plum that almost seem to be humming in harmony with whispers from the fig garden. With each sip, more and more about this beer seems to pleasantly blossom. We then finished this beer by bottle conditioning it in 500ml bottles with a cork and cage.⁣

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