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Ripe Key Lime

Living the lime life

Fresh off the tree and ripe for the drinking, we’re back at it with a juicy Key Lime variant of Ripe. Coming in at 7.1%, Ripe starts off with a thick base thanks to the addition of oats and rolled oats in the mash to get it nice and chewy. It then gets dialed up to an 11 with a huge double dry-hopping of some of our favorite fruit-forward hops, Cashmere and Galaxy, giving it intense notes of lime, lemon, and a dashing of peach. And then instead of just the hops providing all the juiciness, we added heaps of Mexican grown Key Limes to this lime behemoth during fermentation to really make it sing. Key Lime Ripe is tangy, hoppy, and full of love for those warm weather tree fruits.⁣⁣

Flavor Profile
Dry Hops
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