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Second Breakfast

Shire pils with that dry hopped bagend bang!

Now that you’ve finished your Second Breakfast, who’s up for Elevensies?⁣⁣ Elevensies is a one-up of our last Shire-style Pilsner, this time conditioned on some Thai lemongrass before being lagered for 3 weeks. This 5.7% pils was the same base brew as Second Breakfast complete with spelt in the mash and a soaking of some choice New Zealand hops, Wakatu and Rakau, giving off a subtle floral fruitiness. We then took our Second Breakfast clone and conditioned it on heaps of lemongrass to really send you over Brandywine Bridge and into the Shire with notes of fresh greens and mellow lemon mixed with a subtle earthiness. The culmination is the perfect easy-drinking pre-lunch crisper. If Aragorn didn’t know about Second Breakfast, he definitely doesn’t know about Elevensies. ⁣⁣

Flavor Profile